The PressBox

The world awaits the big London showdown.
Courtesy: Mikey Williams/Top Rank via Getty Images.

Only two days out now from the historic showdown between lineal and WBC heavyweight champion of the world Tyson ‘The Gypsy King’ Fury and Dillian ‘The Body Snatcher’ Whyte at a 94,000 sold out Wembley Stadium, London.

Yesterday’s final press conference was a cordial affair with both combatants finally coming face to face. Given the social media exchanges over the last few months this was a refreshing conclusion.

Both fighter’s focus was on their own journey to this juncture and their preparation.

Champion Fury said “It’s been an amazing journey. From where I started all those years ago to the ups and downs and being away from boxing and being fat as f**k, 28 stone. To coming back and being mentally out, a druggie and an alcoholic – all the rest of the stuff…Who would’ve thought it ? We’re looking forward to an awesome memorable night. This will break all records”.

He went on to compliment his adversary, “Dillian Whyte is a good fighter. He is a good, strong, solid man…He’s got a lot of experience in the fight game. He’s definitely a man that needs a lot of respect…I haven’t left any stones unturned. I’ve trained as hard for Dillian as I have for Wilder or Klitschko”.

The challenger from London via Jamaica responded “It means everything to me to be fighting in my home country, and especially because it’s for the world title at Wembley…It’s a moment I’ve been waiting for. It’s a big fight. Like Tyson said, we didn’t expect to be here. But I’m here, I’ve taken risks time and time again. I’ve had a couple of slipups along the way, but I’m here and I’m ready to go”.

Todd duBoef representing co-promoters Top Rank Inc. added “This is more than boxing. This is the world of sport…the world is all going to be watching, not only 94,000”. This is true to the extent that the fight will be broadcast live and exclusive in the UK on BT Sport Box Office, in the United States on ESPN+ pay per view and no doubt streamed worldwide.

It’s historic significance on UK shores is it will be the first time since Lennox Lewis v Frank Bruno in October 1993 that a legitimate version of the heavyweight title has been fought between two Brits in the UK and, first time the title been contested in England since Muhammad Ali v Brian London in August 1966. The former contest being held in Cardiff, Wales. In the UK this is a major event, but worldwide the significance is the lineal and Ring magazine title are up for grabs. The winner will be the man who beat the man, who beat the man – right back to John L Sullivan in the late 1800’s.

Frank Warren of Queensberry Promotions further added “You’ve got the best heavyweight of his generation, the lineal champion and WBC champion against a young man…who’s been waiting for this fight for 34 years”. Continuing “He’s told me that it’s been the best training camp that he’s ever had…So, what are you going to get on the night of the fight ? A great fight”.

The stage is set, the tickets are sold, the pay per views are shifting so now it’s down to the fighters. The official weigh-in is at 2:30pm UK time Friday, 9:30am Eastern time (US)/6:30am Pacific time.

Look out for tomorrow’s Friday Faceup on this site for our pre-fight prediction.

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