Can the Gypsy King back it up ?

Well, two days to go and the most anticipated heavyweight fight in many a year is almost upon us. The predictions and pre-fight shenanigans are racking up as we approach the Wilder-Fury date with destiny. The ‘Gypsy King’ Tyson Fury has certainly been raising the bar with the pre-fight predictions and his supreme confidence he’s going to ‘do a job’ come Saturday night. But, is this pre-fight bravado, insecurity or, a supreme confidence borne of his superior (minus two knockdowns) in the first fight ? We will only know come fight time and that in essence is the beauty of this matchup.

Can WBC champ Wilder extend his KO resume by rendering Fury comatose ? The power is certainly there, which Dominic Brezeale and Luis Ortiz will testify, but, the boxing ability and ring smarts are significantly inferior to the Brit. What most pundits believe is if Wilder lands cleanly, and possibly early, Fury will go. The first fight doesn’t back this up. Fury rising from the canvas twice, en route to a split decision draw. Fury in reality, despite his knockout boasts will try to box his way to victory. He knows he’s the superior ring technician and will intend to maximise this advantage. However, IF the knockout opportunity comes, likely late in the fight, Fury will take it.

The Undisputed sees this as the most likely outcome. Fury’s power, though not on the scale of Wilder is underestimated. We see most of his power in this fight coming from his boxing IQ and ability to get in position to land the defining punch. Wilder will be dangerous early, but if the Gypsy King can navigate his way through the first six rounds look for him to take control down the stretch.

Fury, despite his proclamations that it will be a Hagler-Hearns esq fight, and inviting Wilder to meet mid-ring from the opening bell, will not go anyway near this scenario. For the first four rounds he will exercise caution and then attempt to pick the American apart through the mid rounds to stop a fatigued champion late in the fight. He’s set himself up to eat his words over fight week, but look for the Brit to back it up on the night and remain the ‘Lineal’ and new WBC heavyweight champ. We can’t wait.

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