Patrick Day RIP

The Undisputed sends its condolences and heartfelt thoughts to the family, friends and team of Patrick Day, American junior middleweight, who has tragically died following injuries sustained in his fight in Chicago on Saturday 12th October. The news was sadly confirmed on Wednesday by promoter DiBella Entertainment.

Over the last few days many messages of support and kind thoughts have been posted on social media and other platforms. What has continually come through is first and foremost what a wonderful human being Patrick was, as well as being a talented boxer.

Patrick chose to box and made boxing his living. At moments like this we question our association with this sport. What we must always acknowledge are the inherent dangers of this sport, the bravery of the fighters involved and, continually strive to make it even safer for Patrick’s fellow athletes.

The Undisputed thanks Patrick for his 27 years on Earth and for blessing us with his skills and performances in his tragically short life. Rest in peace our friend.

A greater appreciation of Patrick’s life is available at

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  1. So sad to lose a young life but I’m sure he felt he passed away doing something he loved. Great tribute Rob Harding.


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